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8:00-8:45am I Coffee with Coaches Mastermind

Join Jeff & Glover U Coaches one last time as they answer all of your questions relating to the topics covered at the Summit as well as other burning questions you’d like answered about the best path for growing your business!

9:00-10:00am | Opening Session with Jeff

Join Jeff as he welcomes us back for the third and final day of the Retreat and covers what we need to know and to get the most out of our final day together!

11:00-12:00pm | Top Agent Panel

Hear from the best of the best from around the country on exactly HOW they have implemented the Glover U Sales System into their massive businesses and the difference it has made in their lives!

10:00-10:30am | Break

30 minute break.

12:00-1:30pm | Lunch (VIP Lunch Available)

Lunch on Own unless you have purchased the VIP lunch pass with Jeff & a special guest!

1:30-2:30pm | Session with Jeff

During this session, Jeff Glover will walk audience members through everything they are doing, and have done so far this year, to control the listing inventory and get more buyer offers accepted in 2021!

2:30-3:30pm | Breakouts

Six breakouts to choose from specifically relating to building a massive business in this listing scarce market. Taylor Cornfield: Turn Your Customer Experience Into a Lead Generating Machine (Repeat) Learn the ins and outs of creating a customer service and experience plan to take your online reviews and ultimately your referrals to the next level. Nick Bellmore: Work Smarter, Not Harder: Get More Contracts Signed By Mastering the 4 Communication Styles (Repeat) Discover how to identify and ultimately adapt to the four styles of communicating. Learn how to increase your conversion rations by working smarter, not harder. Greg Erlanger: Building a Million Dollar Brand: Increase Your Leads by Increasing Awareness Become a local celebrity in your market to receive listings and sales from your presence in the market. Starting with a small budget? Perfect, we cover how to stretch your dollars to earn more profits from branding and advertising. Justin Ford: Master the Phones: Secrets of Successful, Prospecting Based, Listing Agents Master what is still the most profitable tool in getting listings during this breakout. Learn which scripts, objection handlers and closes work best so that you can generate more seller leads through the phone. Geno D'Angelo: Lead Conversion VS. Lead Follow Up: Knowing the Difference and Profiting from Each You can have all the leads in the world but without strong methods, scripts and systems to convert them, a ton of leads will do you no good. Geno shares the secrets that he has learned through the years from Jeff & Glover U and what they are doing right now to keep their listing lead conversion high! Jeff Glover: Get More Signatures at the Table: Listing Plan of Actions that WIN Seller Business (Repeat) The secret in getting more listings signed is having a strong listing presentation that includes strong marketing ideas and more importantly, how to present them. Put together or enhance your listing presentation to get more listings signed after attending this breakout.